Eid Mubarak Theme for WordPress


Eid Mubarak is a 2-column theme with strong Adsense support, valid XHTML and CSS, widgets-ready and is intended to be a seasonal theme with a unique design, a clean blue header and background with a Web 2.0 look.

Preview the theme or download it.

2-Columns WordPress

Ash To Dust Theme for WordPress


Ash to Dust is a 2-columns, light brown theme that we have released for WordPress. It is compatible with WordPress 2.3 and it is SEO-optimised, widgets-ready and coded in valid XHTML and CSS which is important for search engines to spider. This theme can be used for a personal blog or for a history/travel niche.

You may preview the theme or download it.


Two Islamic themes for WordPress

We recently commissioned a designer to modify two Islamic PSD themes for WordPress and the result is, in our opinion, far exceeds our expectations. One of the themes will be used for one of our blog projects, while the other will probably be released to public for free usage.

The following are the themes.

Eid Mubarak Theme


A blue two-column theme which has a strong Islamic feel to it. The theme is suitable for personal blogs or a blog with a strong Islamic focus. I especially like the different blue tones that are utilised for the theme as well as the header which has a mosque in it. This is probably most likely the one which will not be released to public unless a special request is made for it.

Arabique Theme


Green three-column theme which has a Middle Eastern feel to it. Suitable for personal blogs or a blog with an oriental focus. Also, emphasis was made on Adsense as well, so that users of the theme will not lose out on the opportunities to earn from their blog.

Both themes are currently uncoded and an announcement will be made once they are released.

Updated: The themes have now been coded. Download the Eid Mubarak theme and Arabique theme today!