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SEO and Internet Marketing Forum launched

Around a year ago, I said that “I have plans for starting a webmaster community forum soon and when this becomes a reality I will be sure to announce it here”. Since that time, however, many attempts were made to start a webmasters forum but it was either abandoned half-way or lay dormant due to many pressing concerns at the time. Well, today I am pleased to announce that I finally found the impetus to start a SEO and Internet Marketing Forum under the VCTech Network brand name. The forum script and template are in place, and promotion for the forum is underway. Our target is to make it bigger and better than the trashy and dictatorial webmaster forums currently spread across the web….I rather not name them.

Anyway, do feel free to register at our SEO and Internet Marketing Forum, rest assured that unlike those dictatorship admins such as the wanted criminal Shawn “Cookie Stuffer” Hogan, the Islamophobe Will “Spins-ter” Spencer and that bitch Cricket “Whore” Walker. We do not ban people simply on suspicions of a “duplicate account”, or the most ridiculous reason of all: “for disrupting a forum”.