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Advertising opportunities at Project Petaling Street

Project Petaling Street, the first and leading local blog aggregator in Malaysia, is pleased to announce that we are now offering several banner / text advertising opportunities for those who are looking for exposure for either their website or services. With a Google PageRank of 4, an Alexa Traffic Rank of around 120K and receiving at least 2000 visitors daily, PPS can certainly provide opportunities for various advertising benefits to those who choose PPS for their advertising needs. Also provided below are the recent statistics for the total number of unique visitors to PPS.

The following are the advertising opportunities that are currently being offered at PPS.

Option 1: The 5 x 125px banners above the fold, next to the “Latest Pings” section, is priced at USD 60 / RM 200 a month. This is priced slightly higher because of its prominent position where any PPS user would be able to view your ad easily.

Option 2: The 5 x 125px banners below the fold, next to the “More Pings!” section, is priced at USD 45 / RM 150 per month. Any PPS user who scrolls down to this section looking for previous pings would certainly look at your ad here.

Option 3: PPS also offers 10 x text link ads, under “Resources”. This is priced at USD 15 / RM 50 a month.

Payment methods vary according to the currency selected. If you choose to pay in USD, we offer payment via PayPal. If you decide to pay in RM, we offer Maybank2U as our payment method. However, please do note that we do not accept adult, gambling or any other ads not deemed as “family-safe” and we reserve the right to reject your ad if we feel that it is inappropriate for PPS and/or our audience.

If you are interested in any of the advertising opportunities available at PPS, contact us directly for further details so that we can review your advertisement and advise you with further instructions on how to proceed.


Benefits of SEO for E-Commerce

Search engine optimization, or SEO is a well-known term that is used by online businesses. Getting yourself on the first page and even better in the top half of the page for a specific search engine will ensure that you increase public awareness of the existence of your site and consequently the increase in traffic could lead to potential income and businesses. Search engines will no doubt be the most widely-used Internet tool in order to search for the relevant information. Most people who use search engines use only the top ten search results on the first page. Thus it is of no surprise that the first three places is the barometer to determine a site’s success in search engine optimization. You will receive a higher proportion of the probability of being clicked, if you ranked high. The more traffic to your site, for example, a specific keyword such as San Diego airbrush tanning, the more business you can rake in. But it is important to hold the top spot or at least make a better placement for visitors to view your site. Every day is a new day for all e-commerce sites use to a higher rank with search engine optimization. It is imperative to your site better and better every day.