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Things categorized as 'Web Directories'


JY Web Directory

Posted on February 8th by .
We are currently developing several new web properties, which involves our directory network, as our business model for obtaining revenue to run our business. A new web directory which we are introducing ...

Spam in my directory

Posted on November 20th by .
Lately a directory of ours have been bogged down with weird, gibberish SPAM. This is not a new problem but it has got worse as of late. Yesterday when logged into ...

Submitting to Mishre Directory

Posted on July 4th by .
What is a web directory? A web directory is basically a website which collects URLs of various websites and blogs and sorts them out according to categories or topic. Those serious ...

VCTech Network Webmasters Directory

Posted on July 2nd by .
We are proud to announce that our webmasters directory is now ready and open for submissions as a new addition to the webmasters niche on the internet. Basically, VCTech Network Webmasters ...

Store Today sold!

Posted on April 26th by .
We would like to inform that VCTech Network has recently sold one of its assets, Store Today, to a new owner via an auction at Digitalpoint Forums. We wish the new ...

Store Today Directory

Posted on March 12th by .
We are pleased to take the opportunity to announce an offer which is made available at our PR3 shopping niche directory, Store Today. We have decided to temporarily make it ...

Link Muncher Web Directory

Posted on December 18th by .
Introducing our first free web directory project, Link Muncher Web Directory which we intend to keep as a free web directory for as long as VCTech Network owns it. This ...

Portfolio of web directories

Posted on November 21st by .
We have compiled a list of web directories that we own at this page. However, two recently-acquired web directories have not yet been added because we have yet to commission our ...

Islamic Web Directory

Posted on November 18th by .
This is not a web directory which is part of the VCTech Network but a free web directory focused on an Islamic niche for websites related to Islam, Muslims and business ...