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Project Petaling Street is revived

Finally one of our major internet products, Project Petaling Street (PPS) has now been revived and is back from its dormant status. Some nasty individuals such as the Sarawakian asshole Alex “Anak Haram” Allied and another anonymous cibai from Penang were part of an illegal terrorist movement to undermine PPS’ credibility by accusing the owner of VCTech Network of extremism. We do not feel the urge to defend ourselves from these cyber-terrorists. Suffice it to say that three months ago, the script PPS was running on started to cause a lot of trouble for us and was hammering the CPU resources on the server it was hosted on, forcing us to suspend the account in order to stabilise the server. PPS is running on a dedicated server with a unique C-Class IP, and we have total control over the account. Therefore, the “Account Suspended” notice that some PPS members saw during this turbulent period was of our own doing and it was not because of any of the nasty rumours that the anonymous cibai from Penang was spreading about PPS.

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SEO and Internet Marketing Forum launched

Around a year ago, I said that “I have plans for starting a webmaster community forum soon and when this becomes a reality I will be sure to announce it here”. Since that time, however, many attempts were made to start a webmasters forum but it was either abandoned half-way or lay dormant due to many pressing concerns at the time. Well, today I am pleased to announce that I finally found the impetus to start a SEO and Internet Marketing Forum under the VCTech Network brand name. The forum script and template are in place, and promotion for the forum is underway. Our target is to make it bigger and better than the trashy and dictatorial webmaster forums currently spread across the web….I rather not name them.

Anyway, do feel free to register at our SEO and Internet Marketing Forum, rest assured that unlike those dictatorship admins such as the wanted criminal Shawn “Cookie Stuffer” Hogan, the Islamophobe Will “Spins-ter” Spencer and that bitch Cricket “Whore” Walker. We do not ban people simply on suspicions of a “duplicate account”, or the most ridiculous reason of all: “for disrupting a forum”.

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PPS new layout

The new Project Petaling Street layout is working nicely and we are pleased with its current performance, although some tweaking and further addition needs to be done in order for it to be working at full functionality. We have kept advertising opportunities and aesthetics in mind, without sacrificing usability and performance. We firmly believe that user experience and monetising opportunities should and can go hand-in-hand together, and we have kept those two things in mind when developing the layout for the new PPS to its final completion.

We have been getting some good feedback from PPS users. Majority of users have expressed their delight and satisfaction with the current layout. We are happy to know that you enjoy the new layout for PPS and we pledge to serve you further as the end-user. Unfortunately, however, some people with an axe to grind have been going around spreading mischief and negative criticism towards PPS, for no other reason other than that the ownership of Malaysia’s first and leading blog aggregator is now under the management of VCTech Network. One can easily notice how unfounded those claims are. The changes are certainly not “horrible, painful for the eyes” (the colour scheme is in standard black text on white background layout), the content are certainly not “cluttered” (on the contrary, we may say that may be true for the previous layout) and there are certainly no “more ADS, ADS ADS” (what are you, a sourpuss?). Some people need to understand that PPS is not a charity and we have employees to pay their dues and web hosting does not come as a free service.

Look out for more improvements as we go along this journey to improve the services of PPS, the face of the Malaysian blogosphere!

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VCTech Network acquires Project Petaling Street (PPS)

VCTech Network has acquired Project Petaling Street (PPS), a well-known blog aggregator in the Malaysian blogosphere, from its founder and original owner. We view this acquisition as an important step for our company in offering quality web products related to our business niche, which are blogging and search engine optimisation. In line with its new tagline “the face of the Malaysian blogosphere”, we have worked on promoting PPS and driving more traffic to the site, hence providing users with a good collection of blog posts and PPS users with exposure and traffic to their respective sites.

Our vision for PPS is to continue the policies of its previous owner and to improve on it by providing visitors with a better user experience. Towards this end, we are working on and will launch the new template layout for PPS which will have a better colour scheme and is in line with current Web 2.0 internet trends. We will also work on upgrading the PPS backend and provide more features with the current system before we decide on the next step to take.

These changes are necessary for the future of PPS and we intend to aggressively push through with it. We hope that PPS users will continue using our blog aggregator and showcase “the face of the Malaysian blogopshere” to the world.

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A magazine question

This is a question meant for magazine editors and copyrighters and those involved in the printing industry. What is the name of that mysterious graphic that appears at every end of a published magazine, newspaper or webzine? Example is provided below.

The above example appears in The Nut Graph webzine. So, can anyone answer the question and tell me what is the official name for it?

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PayPal resolved the case in my favour

Finally I received some good news pertaining to the case where I was scammed in broad daylight. PayPal has informed me that the case was resolved in my favour. Of course the sheer irony of this whole debacle was that it was the scammer who escalated the dispute to a claim.

Resolution of Your Case: #PP-612-474-227

Dear VCTech Network,

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favor.

We were able to recover $0.57 USD and this amount has been credited to you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to recover the balance from the seller.

If the seller’s account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the seller’s account, which may include limitation of the seller’s account privileges.

I am really glad that PayPal had decided that I was the innocent party in this case, considering that the scammer have been misrepresenting my issue right from the start. It really did not have to come to this but justice has indeed been served.

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I was scammed on Digital Point Forums

Yes, I was scammed on Digital Point Forums (DP) for the very first time in my life. At the moment, the case is still being reviewed by PayPal and the outcome has not been resolved yet. Anyway, this all began when I saw this thread advertising a vBulletin license for sale at the price of $75 — which is really very cheap — considering that the original price being sold by Jelsoft, the creators of vBulletin, is $180.

I sent a private message (PM) to the seller as soon as I saw that and I sent the payment almost immediately after confirmation. It did not occur to me to check his iTrader or posting history because he mentioned TriPHP Forums, which is a webmaster forum that I used to hang out and I assumed that he must have been the owner (now that I come to think of it, maybe he never really did owned TriPHP).

After the sale was confirmed, we exchanged PMs for a couple of minutes, and he asked me to which e-mail address he would like me to have the details sent to, as he prefers not to use PMs as a method of communication.

I replied asking the DP poster to send the details (even though I’d already stated that previously) to my e-mail, repeating the very same e-mail address that I already gave him earlier.

All the above happened on 3rd January 2009.

After this last PM, all communications between him and me went to an abrupt halt. I was wondering why was it taking so long for him to send me the details? I waited for at least another 24 hours before sending this next PM. This was sent on January 4th 2009.

I waited yet another 24 hours and seeing that he did not reply, I opened a PayPal dispute, hoping that this was all merely a mistake and he simply did not have time to check his PMs on DP. Note however, that I made a PayPal dispute, not a claim for the payment made. This explanation from PayPal should make it clear the difference between a dispute and a claim.

This was on 5th January 2009. The next day, I received a notification e-mail from PayPal stating that the seller escalated the case to a claim. I was stupefied when I realised what was happening.

In the dispute form, I have made all effort to be civil by requesting the seller to provide me with the vB license details or just refund the money if he is unable to do so. I was still hoping that this was just a mere miscommunication when I opened the dispute and the purpose of a dispute is to resolve any issues between the buyer and the seller, as stated earlier by the PayPal description above. However, as you can see below, the seller was the one who escalated the case to a claim and at the same time claims that I am lying and that I had received the “script” (actually license) but simply want to cheat him out of his money.

I really wanted this license and I thought maybe this guy really was honest, so I tried to clear any misunderstanding between us by sending a rather long PM explaining why I opened the dispute and requesting that he sent the vB license in return for a cancelling of the claim in PayPal, but all I got was a very rude reply.

This person has the cheek to say this after ignoring my PMs on DP for all this while! And he even gave me a -iTrader out of spite and try to cast blame upon me by claiming that I was the one who is trying to cheat him!

Excuse me, sir….who is the one actually paying here? I have nothing to gain if I were the one who is scamming this person. Like his -iTrader is going to do anything to me, since I already have 33 iTraders! Needless to mention, I gave him an iTrader that he truly deserved.

Anyway, I really hope that PayPal will decide the claim in my favour. All I want from the exposure of this debacle is for the truth to be clear from error and may God Almighty repay him with what he deserve for trying to cheat me for a pittance of a gain in the Hereafter.

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After you have taken the beginner’s diving course

After you have taken the beginner’s diving course, you can now progress to advanced diving course and dive in open waters. Diving2000 offers advanced diving courses in open waters. With them, you are assured of your safety because you are being taught by professional divers who will give you tips along the way. Plus, you will also get to learn more about scuba diving that you will not normally learn in mediocre diving courses. These additional tips given by professional divers/instructors will only add to your knowledge.

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Deals for plumbing

Auction sites like eBay are a good place to start looking for plumbing equipments, be it brand-spanking new or secondhand. But first, you have to check out the seller’s background information to get a gist of what he is like when it comes to deals and transactions. If you are near his area, you can visit his place and check the plumbing equipment out yourself to assure you that what you are going to buy is in good working condition.

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A happy problem

WordPress has announced that they have released their latest version, 2.6 codenamed “Tyner”.

This announcement comes as two-fold news for us, as I consider this a “happy problem”. Happy about it because WordPress, undoubtedly the best blogging/CMS platform out there, is constantly striving to improve itself and offering better features. However it is a “problem” for us at the same time as we have to figure out how to upgrade 2.6 on some 26+ blogs on various niches! Fortunately I am hiring someone to do the work of upgrading our WordPress installations.

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Advertising on Facebook

Two weeks ago, we received a Facebook advertising coupon worth $50 that allows us to place an advertisement on the social networking site Facebook according to the duration you have set. So I decided to try it out and checked out the Facebook advertising facilities provided. Before receiving the coupon, I did not even know that it was possible to advertise through Facebook! However, from the initial experimentation with the user experience design of the advertising system, we were not totally satisfied with the results. Although there were some clicks from Facebook to the site, the amount of traffic does not seem to justify spending any real money on the site. Of course it should be noted that at the time, I was unfamiliar with how the advertising system in Facebook works (based on CPC) and plus, the locality was limited to Malaysia. After correcting both variables, the results were astounding. I will discuss about this in another post.

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VCTech business card

I decided that it was time for me to get a company business card, so I found someone on Digital Point Forums and hired him to make a colourful design of my official card. He did a mock up (see above) of the first draft design and I like it a lot. However there are some information missing and/or needs to be changed in the card. I will look into getting it done soon.

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Getting a car loan

The common thought is that getting a loan for your new car purchase is pretty easy and straightforward as taking a payday loan cash advance, which is certainly not the case. There are a few ostensibly minor variations which can be actually cost you a lot of money. Therefore it is worthwhile checking various loan offers that may distinguish the desirability of one loan over another. Finding a car loan with the right benefits and interest rate can be the difference between you buying the car of your dreams or simply a car that you can afford. It is also important that you give yourself solid answers to questions such as your current financial situation or how you expect your finances to change in the coming years. Other issues such as which car do you want or that you think it is likely that you will want to refinance at some time during the life of the car loan should also be taken into consideration as well.

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New WordPress designs coming soon

We have just received word from a theme designer we recently hired that she is about to complete the design orders that we have given her and she provided us with some samples of the completed ones. After seeing these designs, we have no doubt that she was the right choice in designing our themes and we look forward to see the completed designs soon so that we can release them for our visitors.

Check out the sample designs below, we are sure that you will love them as well!

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Theme submission services

We are pleased to announce that we have made a deal with a reliable WordPress theme submission service and from now on we will be utilising his services in order to promote our free WordPress themes for the benefit of our clients and users. Here is the list of site URLs that the theme will be submitted to:

We have tested his services with one theme and was very satisfied with the results. We hope that this clarification will satisfy our users.

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For those who may be concerned

Some idiots have been claiming that I had inflated an auction bid at Digital Point for the domain name sale, VobV. This is the proof that I did not.

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Store Today sold!

We would like to inform that VCTech Network has recently sold one of its assets, Store Today, to a new owner via an auction at Digitalpoint Forums. We wish the new owner all the best and good luck in developing the directory to new heights. Due to this development, VCTech Network is thus no longer responsible for the directory nor will we any entertain any inquiries concerning the directory or the listings contained within it.

Thank you.

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Portfolio of web directories

We have compiled a list of web directories that we own at this page. However, two recently-acquired web directories have not yet been added because we have yet to commission our designer to make an image for each. The directories in question are Up6 Top Bidders List and iBid Bidding Directory. This will be rectified in the coming days.

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Our corporate logo


VCTech Network corporate logo.

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Introducing VCTech Network

VCTech Network is an Internet Marketing and SEO Company which was set up in 2007 to run and consolidate the various websites under its label such as web directories and blogs. The company is founded by a Malaysian problogger and internet activist, and has under its ownership several quality web directories and blogs. The directories under the network are:

We offer a special discount for those wishing to submit to our directories in bulk. Contact us for more details.