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10 Most Important WordPress Plugins

Posted on March 2nd by .
We know that WordPress is used for web hosting as well as to make blogs and websites look professional and attractive. Here is a list of 10 most important WordPress plugins that ...

How to improve SEO for a WordPress blog

Posted on September 8th by .
WordPress is no doubt one of the leading and best CMS software out there on the web, and at an unbeatable price (free). The best part part about WordPress is its ability ...

VCTech Network acquires Project Petaling Street (PPS)

Posted on March 26th by .
VCTech Network has acquired Project Petaling Street (PPS), a well-known blog aggregator in the Malaysian blogosphere, from its founder and original owner. We view this acquisition as an important step for ...

A happy problem

Posted on July 15th by .
WordPress has announced that they have released their latest version, 2.6 codenamed "Tyner". This announcement comes as two-fold news for us, as I consider this a "happy problem". ...

Picnic time with picnic baskets

Posted on March 10th by .
Have you ever seen a picnic time picnic basket? If you need to know how and what seems good is very handy, which has obtained slots for all your needs picnic, ...