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An emerging SEO and internet marketing company involved in various internet activities from paid blogging to directories and PPC advertising.


Small businesses can be big by internet marketing

Posted on April 13th by .
Small business is the backbone of the economy of many houses affiliated with the business because we have little chances to afford losses in our small business. There should be everything perfect ...

JY Web Directory

Posted on February 8th by .
We are currently developing several new web properties, which involves our directory network, as our business model for obtaining revenue to run our business. A new web directory which we are introducing ...

Project Petaling Street is revived

Posted on December 12th by .
Finally one of our major internet products, Project Petaling Street (PPS) has now been revived and is back from its dormant status. Some nasty individuals such as the Sarawakian asshole Alex ...

SEO and Internet Marketing Forum launched

Posted on October 25th by .
Around a year ago, I said that "I have plans for starting a webmaster community forum soon and when this becomes a reality I will be sure to announce it here". ...

How To Customise WordPress?

Posted on March 3rd by .
WordPress themes can make your blog page or website look very appealing. Top internet bloggers and web masters use WordPress themes for their websites. If you have installed a WordPress theme and ...

10 Most Important WordPress Plugins

Posted on March 2nd by .
We know that WordPress is used for web hosting as well as to make blogs and websites look professional and attractive. Here is a list of 10 most important WordPress plugins that ...

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO service

Posted on February 9th by .
While bleeding a cyberspace business, you will be needed to make a number of vital decisions. While everybody prefers to do what is greatest for their business, it's these decisions that apart ...

How to improve SEO for a WordPress blog

Posted on September 8th by .
WordPress is no doubt one of the leading and best CMS software out there on the web, and at an unbeatable price (free). The best part part about WordPress is its ability ...

Unlock your iPhone

Posted on May 6th by .
You have your new Apple iPhone and yet you cannot use it due to the restrictions imposed on the unit? Not to worry, this means that this is the time to ...

Advertising opportunities at Project Petaling Street

Posted on April 12th by .
Project Petaling Street, the first and leading local blog aggregator in Malaysia, is pleased to announce that we are now offering several banner / text advertising opportunities for those who are ...

PPS new layout

Posted on April 10th by .
The new Project Petaling Street layout is working nicely and we are pleased with its current performance, although some tweaking and further addition needs to be done in order for it ...

VCTech Network acquires Project Petaling Street (PPS)

Posted on March 26th by .
VCTech Network has acquired Project Petaling Street (PPS), a well-known blog aggregator in the Malaysian blogosphere, from its founder and original owner. We view this acquisition as an important step for ...

List of 85 webmaster forums

Posted on February 18th by .
Here is a list of 85 popular webmaster forums, along with their Alexa rank and specific niche (if any). 1. http://forums.digitalpoint.com 281 Webmastering 2. http://sitepoint.com 862 Webmastering 3. http://webmasterworld.com 1,176 Webmastering 4. http://warriorforum.com 1,352 SEO 5. ...

A magazine question

Posted on February 6th by .
This is a question meant for magazine editors and copyrighters and those involved in the printing industry. What is the name of that mysterious graphic that appears at every end of a ...

PayPal resolved the case in my favour

Posted on January 18th by .
Finally I received some good news pertaining to the case where I was scammed in broad daylight. PayPal has informed me that the case was resolved in my favour. Of course ...

Top dofollow social bookmarking websites

Posted on January 11th by .
One of the ways to promote your website or blog and gain additional visitors is to submit your URL to social bookmarking websites. Now one may ask, what is social bookmarking? According ...

I was scammed on Digital Point Forums

Posted on January 9th by .
Yes, I was scammed on Digital Point Forums (DP) for the very first time in my life. At the moment, the case is still being reviewed by PayPal and the outcome ...

The decline of Digital Point Forums

Posted on January 5th by .
There is really no doubt in my mind that Digital Point Forums is stagnating and experiencing a slow death. Thus I agree with the author of The decline of Digital Point ...

Spam in my directory

Posted on November 20th by .
Lately a directory of ours have been bogged down with weird, gibberish SPAM. This is not a new problem but it has got worse as of late. Yesterday when logged into ...

After you have taken the beginner’s diving course

Posted on September 15th by .
After you have taken the beginner's diving course, you can now progress to advanced diving course and dive in open waters. Diving2000 offers advanced diving courses in open waters. With them, you ...

Deals for plumbing

Posted on September 3rd by .
Auction sites like eBay are a good place to start looking for plumbing equipments, be it brand-spanking new or secondhand. But first, you have to check out the seller's ...

How to generate traffic for your site

Posted on July 25th by .
There are various methods to get your traffic flowing. Many sites do not have the resources that others have to generate more traffic for your site. Well, you don’t have to spend ...

Dennis Carey

Posted on July 18th by .
If you are building a business or anything which is related via the internet which you want to develop through your own website, you should be looking for the provider that will ...

A happy problem

Posted on July 15th by .
WordPress has announced that they have released their latest version, 2.6 codenamed "Tyner". This announcement comes as two-fold news for us, as I consider this a "happy problem". ...