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The decline of Digital Point Forums

There is really no doubt in my mind that Digital Point Forums is stagnating and experiencing a slow death. Thus I agree with the author of The decline of Digital Point that this forum, which was once a thriving and helpful community of webmasters, is just not what it used to be. The factors listed in the article linked to are valid, but to me the one single reason why Digital Point Forums will be going down the drain anytime soon is the attitude of their ban-happy moderators, who will give the most ridiculous reasons ever to ban someone. I especially dislike the turdhead called “CrazyRob” who has a serious attitude problem and he bans someone not because the person broke the rules but only if he doesn’t like them for some personal reason. That, to me, is being biased, because as an administrator of a forum you are not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner out of spite just because you hate someone’s face.

Read the article and tell me whether what was discussed is not true. If you are a DP member, you will know that this is the reality of the forum. I do have plans for starting a webmaster community forum soon and when this becomes a reality I will be sure to announce it here.

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7 replies on “The decline of Digital Point Forums”

its been a while since i have been to DP forums, primarily b/c i am a warrior at heart and dp’s admins are raging douches. i have never posted there which may be reason #324 out of a possible 11,000 that i could have been banned. but now that my logins wont work and i am unable to register using my email address b/c apparently that email address is “currently in use” then tried to register with a different email and some php pathway error probably due to having the same IP as when i registered last year. nevertheless it is physically impossible for anyone without being registered to contact admin so how does one go about re-activating their account – in this case i could care less – i already hacked everything they had for sale and thankfully since most of it was useless junk i was real glad to have never had to pay for any of it. i really just wanted to go back and drop a few hundred posts with my sig link but now that i cant get back in i am on to greener pastures back to the lovin arms of my fellow warriors ( where i have been able to make retarded amounts of money by listening to these guys just offer up free gold. warrior forum is the only forum an IM’er will ever need. it really is the cadillac of forums where as DP is more closely associated to its sexually conotated acronym. in fact i am feeling a bit dilated after the whole DP experience. very unpleasant.

Indeed DP has accumulated 1000s of spammers from all over the world and lot of newbie spammers. Members there are having severe problem of attitude and almost 80% of people think that they are the smartest webmaster living on the earth.
Apart from that members dont respect each other, and love to ABUSE each other within the threads.

II stop visiting DP, I still visit it, but not with the same frequency, I guess that I had lost interest for many reasons. I must admit that is one of the largest webmaster forums around the net, but that does not means all.


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